Bathroom Revamp Tips To Save You Money

Bathroom Revamp Tips That Will Help You Save Money

One of the reasons homeowners tend to think twice before attempting a bathroom renovation is the costs involved. However, with a little money, a spare weekend and a bit of savvy, you can give yours a fresh look.

Repair Before Your Replace

Before you begin tearing your bathroom apart, identify what can be repaired. Often, we decided that something should be replaced before we consider repairing it. The problem is that replacements usually cost way more than repairs. So scrutinize the items in your bathroom and see what can be cleaned, polished and fixed before you replace it.

Begin by replacing the light bulb in bathroom. Using a bright bulb in the bathroom will not only give it a shinier feel, but will also help to identify other things you can repair.

Inspect the tiles and ceramics. Check your taps and pipes. Making your bathroom shiny is almost as good as a renovation.

Replace Unwanted Items

Fair enough, a new shower or bath tub will set you back quite a large sum of money. However, replacing those items isn’t absolutely crucial when upgrading your bathroom. Some vanities can be quite pricey but shop around. Some places start selling them for as little as R500. Even a simple decorative mirror is a cheap way to immediately give the room some flair. A designer light fixture is also a great way to spruce up the bathroom.

Think outside the box, get a little creative and you’ll find that replacing small things and adding an ornament here and there can really liven up the place.

Transform Your Bathroom

Bathroom Revamp Tips That Will Help You Save Money

A simple paint job makes all the difference. Be sure to choose a colour that complements the rest of your decor. When buying paint, ask the supplier for damp resistant bathroom paint.

Changing some of the hardware, if feasible, is a also a great way to modernise the bathroom. Designer taps can be expensive, that’s understandable, but shop around and you will find some that are affordable. Basin mixers start from around R500 and the great thing about them is that you only need one. They save space and look modern.

There’s no place for a shower curtain in a modern-looking bathroom, unless you have a shower-bathtub combo. If you really have to have a shower curtain, make sure its design complements the rest of your decor and is true to modern design trends. Likewise, consider replacing the curtains with blinds for added sleekness.

Minimal design goes a long way. If possible, remove clutter from the room. Your plunger can go in the garage or under the kitchen sink along with all your cleaning agents. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and other small items should go into the cupboard or hang on mounts on the wall. They shouldn’t sit on the basin. If you keep your laundry basket in the bathroom, consider getting one that has a trendy, modern design.

Pay attention to the little things. Add little tiny flower pots on the window sill, replace with toilet roll holder and polish out little paint droplets from the taps, basin and mirrors.

Transforming your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Small changes here and there can really help to brighten up the place. Remember, try to repair before you replace and to look around for the best prices before buying replacements. If you’re replacing or altering the plumbing, be sure to check the connections and waterproofing thoroughly.

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