Garden Revamp #3 – Laying Turf and Tending to Your Lawn

After reading the previous posts in this series and applying the discussed practices, your garden should be refreshed and vibrant. There’s just one more thing to take care of. No garden is complete without a lawn. Let’s see how you can complement your garden with a stretch of beautiful green grass. Hiring someone to lay […]

Garden Revamp #1 – Install a Deck

There’s nothing like chilling outside with friends and family on a cool summer’s evening. That’s reason enough to make a few changes to your garden and yard area. Improvements will make your home more accommodating and more social. Adding a deck is a great idea to start. As always, taking on a DIY project is […]

Should You Attempt DIY? Or Call for Help?

Successfully repainting a room or repairing a broken tap has a tendency to make one feel like the master of all home maintenance tasks. However, bigger projects like knocking out a wall may require expertise that demand a set of skills you may not possess. Starting a project is always exciting, but somewhere around halfway […]