Celebrating Women

Women around the world

Women’s month is here and there are just a few days to go until this special day will be celebrated. This year women’s day will be celebrated on the 09th of August. However, for the entire month of August, it is all about celebrating women. There is definitely no other better way to celebrate the speciality of women!

Guys, take full advantage of this month to spoil your wife, mother, sisters, girlfriend, fiance and aunties by doing something they might have always wanted to be done in the house. Women are extremely house proud, so why not treat your lady to some home pampering.

Home Pampering Ideas:


Celebrating your women by taking her out to select some paint colours to paint up a room in the house that she loves most and where she spends most of her time. This idea would definitely make her feel special and appreciated. At the same time, she also gets to be creative in her most loved space at home.

Pint brushes


Oh, how women love to see men taking an interest in maintaining a home! Guys, try to be the handyman for the day by getting down to fixing those old pipes and leaking taps to make your woman’s job is made much easier around the house. Add some fancy taps or new accessories to make the space around the house look a bit different. It is definitely assuring that any women would love some change around their home.


Tiling up an area in the house makes a big difference in terms of appearance and space. Take your lady tile shopping to have a look at some tilling designs where both of you want to tile or replace some tiles in the home. This could be a joint team effort! A nice place to tile could be the bathroom or the kitchen…mosaic tiles are usually the best especially when you want to add a pattern or design to pick up the rest of your tiles in a specific space.


Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is an activity that is hardly ever done because we don’t take much notice of mossy or stained roof tiles. You can either clean your roof by yourself with the use of a pressure hose or you can simply hire someone to do it for you. Once you do this you will fill your lady’s heart with joy and happiness. Roof cleaning actually brightens the house and surrounding areas, such as the garden. It also makes surrounding areas look neat and tidy.

Green Gardens

Another great home pampering idea for women’s day would be to take your lady garden shopping. Find her favourite flowers and spices, go home and decide where to plant them. A great idea is to make vegetable or spice patches. This is a fantastic way to spoil and make your lady feel special this women’s day.

Pot plants

Taking care of a home is often seen as a woman’s job. So empowering women to help them maintain their homes to keep it vibrant and beautiful is definitely inspiring women to be the best they can, even in the pride of their homes.


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