Convert A Room Into A Nursery

Convert A Room Into A Nursery

Finding out that you’re expecting a baby is exciting! You’ve made it official and shared the good news with family and friends. Now there’s lots to prepare for this new human who’s about to join your family. The birth may seem like a long period away but the time goes by quickly. One thing you can do to prepare in advance is convert a room into a nursery. The nursery will be the new baby’s very own space where she will be changed, play, drink her milk and sleep.

What Do You Need?

  • Paint the nursery – white gives the illusion that a room is bigger than it really is. Other colours that make a room look bigger are greys and pastels. Paint the nursery at least two months before the baby is due so that the fumes are completely gone by the time baby arrives. Use waterproof paint so that it’s easy to clean.
A Good Cot
  • A good cot is essential when you convert a room into a nursery. A new baby will spend most of her time sleeping. Make sure that the cot has a waterproof mattress – babies nappies often leak and they sometimes spit up their milk. A waterproof mattress is ideal as it can just be wiped down and the linen replaced. Position the cot close to the door so you can reach your baby quickly and in case of an emergency.
  • A nursing chair is where you will sit down and feed your baby. It needs to be very comfortable as you will be sitting in it almost every hour in the beginning. Try to get one that rocks and it will serve to put baby to sleep as well.
  • Your baby will need a chest of drawers for all her toiletries, clothes, bibs, hats, socks, vests and cloths. Make sure the chest of drawers has lots of space as babies have A LOT of things and need to be changed often, sometimes three times a day or more! Her wet wipes, diapers and portable changing pad can be kept in one of the drawers as well. Use the changing pad on top of the drawers to change baby and you won’t need a changing table.
Baby Play Gym
  • A baby play gym is important when converting a room into a nursery. Baby play gyms encourage babies to develop the muscles in their arms, legs, stomach, back and neck. Play gyms are also fun and engaging, they develop baby’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills; and stimulate baby’s senses. Baby play gyms contribute to baby’s brain power as they boost knowledge of patterns, colors, shapes, sounds, imagination and self-discovery. In the first few weeks of a baby’s life all they will want and need is to be in their parents’ arms but soon they become more active and need freedom to move. A play gym will help your baby exert her independence.

Once you’ve painted the room and added all the necessary furniture your baby’s nursery is ready. At a later stage you can add wall art, and once baby is born go shopping for a night light. As your baby grows, her toy collection will grow too so she will soon need a toy box. When your baby is too big for a nursery you can turn it into a playroom.

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