Easy Ideas To Keep Homes Warm This Winter

Winter sun

Winter seems like the longest season on the calendar! Hence, preparing yourself, your family and your home for long winter days require easy ideas to keep your home warm and cosy this winter.

Make Use Of What You Already Have

A simple idea to keep your home warm during the winter months would be to use your curtains or blinds effectively to retain the heat that it had captured throughout the day.

Retaining heat

Cosy Couch

Another great idea to retain some heat in the home would be to move couches closers to the sunlight. The material absorbs the heat which makes it warm and surrounding areas in the room. Throwing over a blanket or rough can further retain heat on couches.

Cosy couch

DIY Insulation

Home windows can be insulated to keep out the cold and to retain heat that comes through it. An easy DIY solution to insulate your windows would be to use duct tape. It is a great idea to use for big windows, especially to reduce heat loss. Otherwise, there are also window insulator kits, if you are going for a much neater look.

Cuddling With Furry Friends

Furry friends bring us lots of joy…and they can also give us lots of warmth. Try snuggling up with your pet on a couch and notice how much warmer you feel. It is definitely a win-win situation for both parties. Pet’s will be kept out the cold and you will be much warmer when snuggled with them, making your home warmer and loveable during winter.

Cuddling with pets

Distributing Heat

A fantastic DIY idea to keep your home warm during winter would be to keep kitchen doors open, so that warmth can move to other parts of the home. Keeping the oven door open is one way of incorporating this idea. To further prevent heat loss and most importantly to keep warm air circulating in the house, close room doors that are not being used and use door stoppers to block out the cold wind.

Kitchen warmth

Preparing well in advance for the cold winter months allows for greater comfort in the home during the cold winter days. These are great ideas that can get you up and ready to beat the cold.

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