Garden Renovations


Spring is around the corner, winter days have left and soft rains of spring enter into the atmosphere. Now is definitely a good time to start preparing your garden or yard for spring and summer days to come. It is a good idea to also make space in your garden for growth and to start maintaining your garden from the word go, spring!

DIY Ideas to Keep Your Garden Neat and Tidy for Spring and Summer.

Part One

Get rid of items that are taking up space in your garden or yard, remove all leaves, shrubs and debris lying around the garden. The best way to gather excess dirt is to use a garden rake. They are available at hardware stores/gardening shops and it is definitely an item that does not bust the bank budget.

Cleaning up

Part Two

Use garden tools, to make your work much lighter such as garden forks and spades to turn up the soil in your garden. Surfacing a garden with fresh moist soil is suitable for nourishing a garden, especially if you thinking of adding some new plants to your garden. Add some compost and healthy worms to help oxidise the soil. This leaves your garden soil looking great and produces healthy plants.

Garden tools

Part Three

Animals in your garden make it very attractive. Often we see lovely birds, butterflies and bees flying around, nourishing gardens naturally. A good idea to attract some birds in your garden can be done by making a simple bird feeder. Add a water fountain or birdbath as a retreat for garden animals. The sound and flow of water also leave a garden feeling tranquil and serene.

Garden animals

Lastly, Part Four

If you are not one to get your hands very dirty, but you also want a neat and tidy garden then why do it all alone? Get the family involved by having a day out in the garden…do some DIY pot planting or simply shaving away old leaves on trees or picking out weeds. This is a great team effort to make your home garden look neater for spring and summer.


These are four easy steps to renovate your garden as the warms seasons approach. Also to keep it prepared for the new seasons to come. It aids in reducing the workload of gardening when the warmer seasons arrive.

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