Garden Revamp #1 – Install a Deck

Garden Revamp #1 - Install a Deck

There’s nothing like chilling outside with friends and family on a cool summer’s evening. That’s reason enough to make a few changes to your garden and yard area. Improvements will make your home more accommodating and more social. Adding a deck is a great idea to start.

As always, taking on a DIY project is a big responsibility and requires a lot of patience. Make sure you have time, tools and the help of friends or family. If not, consider hiring a professional to take care of the big jobs.

Tips on Installing a Deck

What Type of Deck Should You Get?

There are many ways you can do go about installing a deck, and prices will differ greatly. Traditionally, decks were made of timber, however in recent times, and with the rise of more sustainable approaches to construction, ready-made composite decks are being used more and more. These decks are made from recycled materials, are durable and are virtually resistant to termites and the wear that wood is. They are also usually designed to resemble wood. With that said, if you’re a purist in that regard, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a traditional wooden deck. Just remember to maintain it properly to ensure longevity.

Composite decks will most likely be ready to assemble and can be done with little expertise. The downside is that there is little to no customization in size and design. Ready-made, ready-to-assemble wooden decks will have the same problem. The benefit of building your own deck is that you can build it to the exact size and design that suits you.

Sunlight is Happiness

When installing a deck, consider the sunlight and what time of the day you plan to accommodate it.

Before installing a deck, make sure to carefully consider where it will go. You may consider to put it in the front of the house leading to the front door. It could lead from the back door to the back yard. It could even be a standalone deck. Gather input from the rest of the family and decide together what the best option would be. Think about when and where the sun will hit it. If you’re planning to use it for evening social gatherings, make sure you’re able to catch the sunset while seated. On the hand, if you’ll be hosting Sunday lunches, try to avoid direct sunlight at the table during that time of day. Whatever your preference, it’s a good idea to put lots of thought into it before putting the physical work in motion.

The Foundation

Once you’ve decided where your deck will go, inspect the area. Removing any trees, rocks and other obstacles goes without saying, but also look for any potential problems that could arise. Avoid building the deck directly on top of grass. If grass and weeds grow, they could start sticking out through the planks, causing a hideous mess. Likewise, ant colonies and other pests should be eradicated prior to building. Additionally, be sure your deck will allow for an efficient drainage system to avoid rain water pooling up and causing flooding.

If you’re building a deck on a slope, it is highly advised to get professional help with the foundation. Also consider how the deck will lead into the home.

Continue reading part 2 of this series where we see how simply cleaning your garden can give it a fresh look while saving you money.

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