Garden Revamp #2 – House-Keeping

Garden Revamp #2 – House Keeeping

As with many other things, fixing and cleaning the existing elements of your garden will be much cheaper than replacing them. A simple touch-up here and there can drastically spruce up the place. Here are some ideas of how you can clean and maintain your garden to brighten it up. If you haven’t already, check out the first blog post in this series – Garden Revamp #1 – Install a Deck.

Pressure Clean

Over the years, the house exterior and pretty much everything in the yard will start to build up moss and dust. It’s understandable since they’re exposed to harsh elements that the interior of a house isn’t. Because the degradation happens gradually, we usually don’t notice it until we get visitors. Pressure cleaning some of your property’s exterior can rejuvenate your garden, giving it a shiny new look.

Clean Your Roof

Pressure cleaners are very often used for roofs. Ridding your roof of moss and stains from bird droppings can miraculously make your home and yard more visually appealing. 

Clean Your Driveway, Patio and Exterior Walls

Garden Revamp #2 – House Keeeping

While you have the pressure cleaner out and ready to work, be sure to clean your tar or concrete driveway while you’re at it. Getting rid of moss and oil stains will give the driveway a new, clean look.

If you have a patio, it’s a good idea to pressure wash it around twice a year, following seasonal changes. Most pressure cleaners will be safe to use on wooden and composite decks and patios, however, it’s always good to be sure. Check with the manufacturer or supplier before you begin.


Before you repaint your patio or deck, make sure to let it dry thoroughly after cleaning. After that, give it a good coat of wood protecting wax, oil or clear varnish. If you have a wooden patio or deck, it’s important to keep every inch of it coated since it is exposed to 24/7 exposure to the elements.

Repainting the exterior walls of your home as well as the fences also makes a big difference to your property. If you think it’s required, be sure to add a new coat of paint on these areas. You could even completely change the colour for a brand new look!

Planting, Weeding and Touch-Ups

Getting rid of weeds and stray grass is crucial for a garden to stand out. This include areas alongside the driveway and your roof and ground guttering. 

If your garden is looking a bit empty, include a few additions to your flowers and plants to add some colour. Plants will give your yard a sense of serenity and will become home to birds and butterflies which also help with creating a beautiful, natural environment. A great place to relax.

Continue reading part 3 of this series where we discuss grass and the best practice for laying turf.

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