How to make use of the extra room in your house

Extra room

Do you have a spare room that’s hardly used? Perhaps it has become a storage room and is starting to look like an episode of hoarders! Clear out all the unnecessary junk and choose one of the following ideas to make use of the extra room in your house.

Turn your spare room into a Library


If you love to read, a great way to make use of the extra room in your house is to transform it into a library. You probably already have books and magazines scattered across the whole house – gather them all together, organise them and arrange them on bookshelves in the spare room. If you don’t already have bookshelves you can get some built-in or buy some inexpensive ones.  Place a coffee table close to the sitting areas and it can be used to put books on. Furnish your new library with a comfortable couch or two and you’re ready to get lost in a book. Bean bags are a great idea to add a touch of colour and make your reading space more cozy and relaxed. You can also add a desk and chair to make a quiet study area.

Transform your extra space into your own gym!

Your own gym

You won’t have any excuse not to work out if you have your very own gym! Make use of the extra room in your house by turning it into a gym.  Fit it with basic gym equipment such as dumbbells, a pull-up bar, a skipping rope and a yoga mat, and you’ll be exercising in no time. Be sure to add a small fridge stocked with healthy snacks and water to replenish your energy and hydrate once you’re done working out.

Make your extra room a place to Meditate

The beauty about a meditation room is that you don’t really have to do much to turn your spare room into one. All you’ll need is a yoga mat, a pillow and a small table. You can make it look more appealing by adding some wall art, nature pictures and your favorite quotes and sayings.  You can also add some plants since being around nature is good for the soul. Your meditation room should always be clean and free of clutter, a place you will always want to go to clear your mind. Burn some incense, breath and enjoy the peace and quiet.

A recreation room is a excellent way to make use of the extra room in your house

Recreation room

You can turn your spare room into a recreation room by simply transferring all your recreational items like board games, a pool table, play station, dart board – from other rooms and have them all in one space.  Add a table and chairs that you will use to play card games. Put in some comfortable furniture and you’ll never want to leave your recreation room. As time goes by and if your space is big enough you can invest in purchasing more items to add to your recreation room like a table tennis or foosball table.

Convert your extra room into a bar

Home bar

If you enjoy socialising with friends and family whilst having a drink then turning your spare room into a bar is a brilliant plan. Use a bookshelf or cabinet to keep alcohol and glasses, arrange seating and tables and you’ve got yourself a bar!  Make sure you also have a fridge close by for the liquids that need to stay chilled. Get creative by learning how to make cocktails and treat your guests to one whenever they visit. Having a bar is a marvelous way to make use of the extra room in your house, and it saves you traveling time, and money – alcohol is much more expensive in an actual bar when paying per drink.

Are you ready to transform your spare room? Will it be one of the ideas mentioned above or do you have something else in mind? Connect with us to let us know!

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