Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home

Its awesome having a pet. They keep us healthy and fit, they play with us and bring laughter and joy into our lives! They can also get themselves in trouble and cause a lot of mess. Many things that we consider harmless can be dangerous to animals. They could easily knock over a vase and get cut. Some plants are even poisonous to cats and dogs!

If you plan to get a pet it is important to research what is potentially dangerous to them. You can also pet proof your home and simply keep things out of reach.

The following tips will help make sure your home is pet-friendly so that your fur babies are safe and also keep your home looking neat and tidy.

Move Fragile Items

Put expensive items like vases and ornaments in a room your pets aren’t allowed to enter. Since pets run around and jump this will prevent your fragile items from breaking and causing any harm or mess.

Keep Plants Out of Reach

Keep Plants Out of Reach

Store plants on high shelves so your pets are not accidentally poisoned. In the case of cats which can climb, you may want to give potentially harmful plants away.

Keep Carpets Clean

Keep Carpets Clean

Carpets collect bacteria and hair, and pets shed A-LOT. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and use it often to keep carpets clean. If possible get rid of the carpets and put in tiles instead. Tiles are easier to clean and are mostly scratch proof.

Hide Electrical Wires and Cords

Animals are curious and clumsy and they chew any and everything. Make sure electrical wires and cords are hidden away behind furniture or get a cable protector that is chew – proof.

Child Proof Cupboards

Some foods that we enjoy are not safe for pets to eat. Cleaning products will also harm animals if they are ingested. Make sure that food and chemicals are packed away in cupboards and secured with child proof latches or locks so your four legged friends can’t access them.

Keep The Toilet Lid Down

Your pets might be tempted to drink water from the toilet, which is dangerous as they will ingest harmful cleaning products. Save yourself a trip to the vet by keeping the toilet lid down.

Keep Windows Closed

Keep Windows Closed

If your dog or cat falls out a window they can be hurt badly. Keep windows closed to ensure they are safe.

Install a Doggy-Door

Install a Doggy-Door so that your animal friends can come and go as they please. And ensure that your yard is surrounded by a secure wall or fence to keep them from running away, terrorizing the neighborhood or being stolen.

Double Check Everything

It takes a lot of responsibility to look after a pet, you have to feed them, clean them and clean up after them, give them a nice place to sleep, make sure they get enough exercise and visit the vet when they’re not well.

A good place to start caring for your pet is to follow the above tips to pet proof your home. In addition to that, double check where your pet is before doing anything, like laundry – is your cat snuggling among the clothing you’ve just thrown in the washing machine? Before closing a door make sure your dog isn’t going to be locked in the room with no escape. If leaving any door open make sure there’s nothing visible that could potentially harm an animal who enters after you.

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