Decor Ideas to Make Your Living Room Look Stunning

Decor Ideas

Are you tired of a dull living room and considering making a change? Try the following decor ideas to make your living room look stunning. They are simple ideas and wont break the bank.

Work With What You’ve got

Rearranging the furniture is a great way to update your living room. Move pieces around keeping functionality in mind.



Group accessories together to create an eye-catching display on your coffee table or book case.

Use Lamps and Light Fixtures

Brighten up your living area by adding gorgeous lamps or light fixtures. Not only will they make the space more visually appealing, the extra lighting will also emphasize other elements you add to the living room – focus the light on a pretty ornament you’ve selected to make it stand out.

Add a Splash of Colour


Use art to make a statement. Put some paintings up on your wall to add colour to your living room. You can even get a family portrait done and display it where visitors will immediately notice.

Mix and Match Cushions

Instead of the same old boring cushions on your couches, mix and match with different shapes, colours and sizes for a more fun and playful look.

Transform the Floor

Floor Rug

Invest in a rug with an exciting pattern or design. Make sure it’s colour compliments the furniture and other accessories you’ve used to decorate your living-room.

Paint Walls White

Paint walls white to create an illusion or a wider space and to give your living-room a more modern look. Colourful accessories also stand out more with a white background.

When redecorating your home, use the above simple decor ideas to transform your living-room from drab to fab even on a tight budget!

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